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Funded by residents, for residents

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Sort Code:     23-05-80
A/C Number: 42082244
A/C Name:    Tunbridge Wells Alliance

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Local and Independent

The Alliance is a bold local group of independent like-minded Councillors, completely free of any national party politics. It became an official party in 2018 and returned nine councillors to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council in May 2022.

The Alliance is unlike any other party representing all the Borough’s residents in the towns and in the rural villages of the borough.

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We were driven to challenge an out-of-touch council administration  – The previous administration did not have a coherent long-term plan for our Borough and was not engaging effectively with residents. The Borough’s finances should be sustainable. Under the previous leadership our Borough was allowed to slip into a precarious financial situation, cuts in services and the destruction of the Borough’s character and integrity.

We want an integrated plan for the whole Borough – including the town Royal Tunbridge Wells, which has been without an official Town Plan for some time.

Actions and developments in one part of the Borough cannot be taken in isolation – We will champion practical solutions taken from successes in other places – both UK and abroad – pushing ways to solve issues as opposed to endless debate.

We will bring long-awaited change to the way local politics is done – We believe our Borough is better served by people and not by national, political party agendas. We are residents who want to champion common sense and fair play. We are not ‘career councillors’ whose primary concern is re-election.

Because good politics requires good people – Our Councillors and candidates are residents. We see and experience what needs improving every day. The Alliance represents the diverse communities we aim to serve. We have the grit and determination to deliver the party promise – Politics for People not Politicians – to future-proof our Borough and to realise its full potential.

Because we are prepared to consult and to listen – We welcome collaboration. We make it our business to understand what is happening and keep you informed.

We will compel the Council to engage with residents in a manner fit for the 21st century – The way in which our current Council attempted to push through a £108m+ Civic Complex Development – without effective debate and consultation – leaves no doubt about how broken our local government is.

Because we look for inspiration – We love a fresh perspective, and we are open-minded – knowing that inspiration can come from global, national, regional and local examples. We will champion practical, alternative solutions taken from successes in other places, finding ways to solve issues as opposed to endless debate.

If you'd like to support us, we are very grateful for your donations, which will be used to fund our ongoing efforts. Similarly, if you'd prefer to donate your time, or stand as a councillor, we would love to hear from you too.

Donations can also be made directly to our bank account:

Sort Code: 23-05-80

A/C 42082244

Tunbridge Wells Alliance

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