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PRESS RELEASE: Coalition discussions yet to start


13 May 2022

The Alliance group are very pleased with the results in the recent local elections. We now have 9 councillors representing residents across a large area of the Borough of Tunbridge Wells. Our focus will always be on local issues and services, free from the constraints and control of a national party whose eyes will always be on the next general election.

There is a growing movement across the country towards local parties that focus on improving how a local council operates. The Alliance will continue to work hard for residents in the borough.

There have been newspaper reports that negotiations have begun with the Liberal Democrats. One week on from the election, discussions have yet to start. The Alliance and Labour groups have been contacting the LibDems to start talks as soon as possible. Sunday 15th May, 10 days after the election, has been given as the earliest date the LibDems can meet, even though many decisions need to be made and submitted two days later.

We do not recognise Ben Chapelard’s comments in today’s Kent & Sussex Courier where he is quoted as saying that the Liberal Democrat “group is currently in negotiations with other parties” and goes on to tell the newspaper that “we are in discussions in order to form a close-knit administration which will work speedily and effectively for the benefit of the residents across the borough.”


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